Bucket List

This is going to be a pretty personal post, as would be assumed when someone talks about their bucket list. I do have a physical bucket list (it’s in a Gryffindor notebook that I got from Universal Studios when I was 11. I thought that this would be a cool static (ish) post to have on my page that people can refer to when they are trying to set goals for themselves. I thought it would be cool to cross things off as I complete them too. This isn’t organized in categories so it’s a pretty big mess of random things. Maybe one day I’ll sort it into categories.

1. Graduate University with a 4.0 or higher ( our GPA system goes to a 4.5) I did not complete this. I graduated with a 3.95 cumulative so I was close. I am debating going back for another degree so this could still happen.

2. Go on a shopping spree ( I need to figure out how to define this)

3. Bungee Jump

4. Skydive

5. Take a shot (i made this one when I started university and I didn’t really drink but I wanted to do this just because. I did, in fact take a shot. It was not at university. It was at a bonfire with my family. It was tequila. Spoiler alert: I still don’t really drink.

6. Go skinny dipping (We’re all adults here)

7. Run a 5K (If we’re not talking in terms of an official race, I have done this).

8. Carve my name somewhere on campus ( like a tree or something. I forgot about this. I still need to do it).

9. Perfect a signature dish I’m not sure what dish I was thinking about when I wrote this but I guess I’ll have to figure it out.

10. Publish a book: This is something I have wanted to do since I was old enough to read. Here I am referring to publishing in the traditional sense. Not that there’s anything wrong with self-publishing or e-books but it wouldn’t be true to my bucket list.

11. Kiss under the mistletoe: I’ve been with my boyfriend for two Christmases and we haven’t done this. Where the hell do you find mistletoe anyways? Maybe this year’s the year if I can find some.

12. Get a tattoo

13. Kiss someone on new years eve: Last new year (2018-2019) I spent New Years Eve with my boyfriend and we did kiss on New Years Eve complete with a champagne toast.

14. Walk behind a waterfall: I’m pretty sure I did this when I vacationed to Niagra falls when I was like 9 but I don’t remember it super well and it’s not exactly the same as what I had in mind.

15. Spend New years eve in Time Square: I’ve heard that this is super overrated but I want to do it anyway.

16. Feed a Giraffe: I’m gonna be honest, it just took me 5 times to spell that. But giraffes are my favorite exotic animal. Is that a category of favorites normal people have? Exotic animal?

17. Watch the sun rise from a rooftop.

18. Scuba Dive: This goes hand in hand with skydiving and bungee jumping. I’m not really sure if I want to do this but I want to be able to say that I have. On the other hand though, what if I die?

19. See the Eifle tower: This just seems like something you should want to do. I might take this off. It’s supposed to be romantic. Maybe I’ll get proposed to there.

20. See a volcano: I went to Hawaii when I was 16. There were no volcanoes on our island.

21. Meet a celebrity

22. Fly in a hot air balloon: please refer to #18- scuba diving

23. Pull an all nighter: Let’s be real, I went to university

24. Start a Charity

25. Go on a picnic: I’ve done this but for some reason I have the need to label it and take a basket and a blanket and such.

26. Fly first class

27. Sleep in a hammock

28. Visit the library of congress: I’m going to be honest, I don’t even know where this is. Washington?

29. Climb a mountain

30. Stay in the penthouse suite

31. Name a star: This one’s going to take a bit more research

32. Ride on a motorcycle

33. Attend a book signing

34. Model for something

35. Save someone’s life

36. Order rooms service: I’ve done this one a few separate occasions. I think it’s quite fun!

37. Win the lottery

38. Kiss in the rain

39. Dance in the rain

40. Write my name in cement

41. Ride the London eye: I love ferris wheels

42. Zero Gravity chamber: I would probably get motion sick and puke but it would be worth it

43. Go surfing: Why I didn’t do this while I was in Hawaii or Florida is beyond me

44. Mattress surf: Yes, this is 100% from the princess diaries.

45. Eat at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant

46. Own a bonsai tree: I frickin love bonsai trees I think they’re so cool

47. Get a celebrities autograph

48. Solve a rubix cube

49. Go to the Stanley cup final

50. Have a library in my house: or at least a room dedicated to books

51. Have a rose garden

52. Get on the kiss cam at a game

53. Join in on a flash mob

54. Learn how to do proper winged eyeliner: It’s been 22 years and I still haven’t learned. I don’t have a lot of hope.

55. Start and fill up a book with quotes

56. Blow bubbles in winter and have them freeze instantly

57. Perfect my signature

58. Do a kissing photobooth session

59. Use a fake name at Starbucks: I can’t do this where I usually go because they know my name

60. Watch a game at a sports bar

61. Adopt a golden retriever Why isn’t this number 1 on the list is the real question

62. Start a business

63. Make sushi: I did this this year and let me tell you, it was a lot of work.

64. Buy A condo

65. Make the Dean’s list all 3 years of my degree: My degree ended up taking longer than 3 years but my first 3 years I did make the Dean’s list so I will count this as completed.

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Just a recent university graduate sharing her love of reading! In my free time you'll either find me reading or working on my novel!

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