Gym Bag Essentials

What’s in my gym bag as a 20 something gym rat

Foam Roller

I love my foam roller. Mine was a Christmas gift a few years ago from my mom and I don’t know how I lived without one before that. This is an incredible tool to loosen your muscles and if you don’t have one I would highly recommend getting one. Now. Mine is from Sport Chek but Amazon has way cheaper ones. I have a smaller size so it fits well in my gym bag.

Water Bottle

This one is pretty self-explanatory. I have one of those green and orange Gatorade bottles that you can just squirt into your mouth. You know, like hockey players use? It’s the best water bottle for cardio because you don’t have to try and sip out of it while your running and spill it everywhere. Or is that just me? Probably just me.

Hair ties

This is a must for me. I have really long hair and if I forget to bring a ponytail on my wrist, I need to make sure I have at least one in my bag. Preferably more in case one breaks.

Pre Workout

I have Sixstar pre-workout that I take sometimes. To be completely honest I don’t love taking pre-workout. It makes me itchy which I think is something that pre-workout does but I could be wrong. Maybe I’m allergic to it. Either way, I have the pink lemonade flavor which actually tastes really good and I haven’t died yet so.



I always have my gym shoes in my bag because obviously I’m not going to wear them to the gym as I need clean shoes. I have a black and white pair of Nikes. They’re a few years old so they probably don’t even sell them anymore. I think they’re an old version of the Pegasus.


I always have a second deodorant in my gym bag for before and after my workout.

Gym Clothes

I usually don’t wear my workout clothes to the gym because where I live is cold basically 8 months of the year. Too cold to be wearing shorts and a tank top outside. When I’m not doing cardio I wear tights and a tank top/muscle shirt but when I’m doing cardio I swap out the tights for shorts because I get far too hot in tights.

Face wash/makeup wipes

Please take your makeup off before you work out. Having makeup on while you workout is just asking for breakouts. I used to do this and I would break out so much. I don’t wear makeup at all anymore, not even when I go to work. Honestly I think i look fine without it and I don’t feel like adding another step into my morning routine. Anyways, yes, makeup wipes are good to clean your face before and after you workout to prevent breakouts!


Sports Bra

I think all of my sports bras are from Victoria’s Secret. I cannot workout in a regular bra. I just feel like there is no support and it just doesn’t feel right. Also, who wants to get their expensive, pretty bras all sweaty? not me.

Protein Bar

I love clif bars. I know that they are glorified chocolate bars but I like to eat them before morning workouts. My favourite kinds are chocolate chip and chocolate fudge brownie (super healthy, I know).

Ankle wraps/knee brace

These are a must for me. I did gymnastics for a lot of years and I always had bad ankles and knees. I used to wrap my ankles for gymnastics with ace bandages and I still do when they are sore. Luckily they aren’t as bad now because I don’t do high impact sports anymore. I should wear my knee brace all the time but I don’t. I have it in my bag anyways though!

Workout Towels

I have two gym towels that I like to bring with me. I usually use them to wash my face after my workout but they can also be used as sweat towels or sauna towels if you so choose.

This is pretty much everything I have in my gym bag! I’m so excited for our new gym to open on Friday! Hopefully I can start posting some workouts for you guys!

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