November 10 Grocery List


Bananas 1.52

Marble Cheddar Cheese (Cracker Barrel) 6.48

Breakfast Sausage Rounds 3.98

Pie Plate 5.48

Wooden Rolling Pin 12.48

Extra Firm Tofu (x2) 4.00

Chicken Broth (x2) 3.34

Yellow Onion .54

Red Potatoes 1.53

Gala Apples 3.09

Lemon Juice 2.98

Roma Tomatoes 1.44

Romaine Hearts 4.98

Cooking Spray 3.47

Hass Avocado Bag 4.98

Chicken Breasts 11.50

Total: 73.95

If anyone is in need of some ideas for their weekly grocery shop, here’s mine! This was mainly focused around the pot pie that I wanted to meal prep for supper for the week and the chicken is going to be marinated and cooked for lunches.

I know that I’m always interested in other people’s grocery shops so I hope you enjoy!

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