What Do You Want in Life

This is a question I’ve been asking myself a lot recently. Some people seem to have everything figured out. They know where they’re going in the short term and seem to have everything planned out in the long term. They know where they’re going with their education, they know what they want in a relationship, career, hobbies, they even have the names of their future kids picked out.

I used to be that person. I thought I knew exactly what I was going to do. I was going to do 2 years of an undergraduate degree in criminology and then take the LSAT and apply to law school. At my school you can apply to the law school with 60 credit hours of courses. That didn’t happen. I did really well in my first two years and I could have gotten into law school even if I only received a mediocre score on the LSAT but I decided that I didn’t want to go. I didn’t know if it was for me and I didn’t want to waste money. 

After that, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I finished my criminology degree then following year and then tried my hand at some kinesiology courses which didn’t go particularly well. I struggled because I was anxious to be out of school and making money. That’s how I ended up in my current administrative job. 

I’ve come to the realization that I don’t want to work a 9-5 for the rest of my life. I see people who have careers that allows them to have so much freedom and I long for that. I want to work from a home office where I can take a break and go to the gym in the middle of the day and work at my desk surrounded by sunlight and a golden retriever laying at my feet. I really believe that is something that would make me happy.

I want you to do an exercise with me. I really want you to think about what you want in life. Do you want to buy a house, rent an apartment, buy a condo? Do you want pets? A significant other? Do you even want to get married? Do you want a car? Where do you want to live? Maybe you don’t need a car where you live because you can walk everywhere. We’re going to talk about all of these things right now. It’s ok if you change your mind in a few years. Hell, it’s ok if you change your mind tomorrow. The point of this is to get you thinking about what you want.

10 Questions to Ask Yourself

While doing this exercise forget about what is realistic for your current situation. If you know that there is no way you could afford a house right now and that you’ll be renting for a while, don’t think about it. Think about where you could be in ten years and what situation you would like to be in.

Get a notebook, write all of your answers down and keep it in your bedside table so you can take i out frequently to remind yourself of your goals.

  1. Where do you want to live (eg. house, condo, etc.)
    • For me, I want to be living in a condo. I have never been someone who needs to own a house because I’m not planning on having kids. It’s going to be me, my boyfriend, and a dog and a condo is as much space as we would need.
  2. What are some things you want in your home that you wouldn’t be able to live without
    • Balcony hot tub
    • Walk in shower with a rain shower head
    • Walk in closet (I currently have a walk-in and I can never go back)
    • Pantry ( I have only lived in apartments and they don’t have pantries. I currently have all of my food on a bookcase in our spare room)
    • The master bedroom must have an en suite
    • Large windows (ideally floor to ceiling)
    • High ceilings
  3. What do you want your relationship status to be (do you want to be married, single, divorced? You do you)
    • Married 
  4. Do you want kids (If you do want kids, plan out everything. Boys, girls, how many, names, years apart) 
    • No. I have never wanted the financial burden or the responsibility of kids.
  5. Do you want pets? (Names, breeds, resues?)
    • Yes. I want at least one dog but ideally more than that and probably a cat too. I want a golden retriever and his name would be Mack (which would be short for macchiato because I’m obsessed with coffee). I’m not 100% sure on the name because I’ve been leaning toward adopting a female golden. 
  6. What are your hobbies right now and is this something you would like to turn into a career?
    • Writing. My main hobby is and always has been writing. I would love to have a career as an author or freelancer.
    • Fitness. I have really been into fitness in the last 5 years ( since I started university). I can’t really see myself having a career in fitness but I would love to get my personal training certification and group fitness certification.
  7. What is something you want to accomplish in terms of education? This doesn’t have to mean getting a degree. I am referring to advancing your knowledge of any topic. Maybe it would be by taking a photography course or a certificate at a local school. 
    • Business Degree. Eventually I would love to go back to school and get a business degree. 
    • Personal training and group training certifications
    • Take a course in coding 
    • Take a course in graphic design
  8. What do you want in terms of a career. I’m not going to make you choose a career right this second because I wouldn’t be able to answer that question. I want you to think about the aspects of a career you want. For example
    • Flexible Hours: I’ve said this many times but I want flexible hours so I am able to have a dog.
    • Ability to work from home: See above
    • Be my own boss? Ideally I think I would like to work for myself.
  9. Where, in terms of location, do you want to live. We talked about our house, now we’re going to talk about where in the world that house will be. Do you want to live in the mountains and ski every day? Maybe you want to live in a warm climate and surf?
    • Personally I would love to live in a warmer climate. It is almost -30 Degrees Celsius right now where I live and I would love to not have to deal with that any more. If I could move to a place where it doesn’t snow I think that would make me very happy. I can just imagine waking up and getting to drink coffee on my porch every morning while I watch the sun rise. It’s a nice thought. 
    • Ideally wherever I live would be close to a lot of amenities. I like having a grocery store, coffee shop, hair salon, movie theatre, etc all nearby.
  10.  Fitness/mental health goals. What does your ideal body look like and why don’t you have it? Are you struggling with mental health issues currently and haven’t gotten help yet?
    • Be able to run 5K. I cannot currently run 1K.
    • Cook almost all of my meals at home

This exercise was meant to help you try and determine what you want in life. Sometimes I feel like I have nothing figured out and exercises like this help me to sort out my priorities. I will make a post in the future about how to make a plan to complete these goals. Setting smaller goals to accomplish something bigger like buying a house is always beneficial. 

I hope this helped you get some clarity about what you want in life. Thank you so much for reading my blog! If you are enjoying my posts please subscribe to my blog. I would also love if you would post your answers to these questions in the comments section!

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