Top Ten Things I Bought for my Apartment

I have moved around A LOT. When I was 17 I lived at the dorms in my university for 8 months so we packed up the truck with a bunch of stuff moved it all in. After those 8 months we hauled it all back to my parents place for only 4 months because I lived there for the summer until I went back to university to start classes again. This time I lived in dorms for another 8 months and spent the 4 summer months in an apartment close to the university so I could be close to my job. Then once again, as I started my 3rd year of university I moved back into dorms and I actually lived there for the entire school year ( 8 months) and most of the summer (about 3 months). After this I moved into a really nice apartment that I intended to stay at for a long time. I only stayed there about 8 months and then my boyfriend and I moved in together into a brand new place. After all that I’ve been in my current apartment since April 2019 and we just signed our lease for another year. So no moving for a while! All in all, I have moved 7 times? I honestly lost count after writing this. The point is I have extensive knowledge on moving and I want to let you know some of the things that I can’t live without!

1) Clothes Drying Rack– This is something that I have had since I lived in dorms. A lot of my clothes are things that I don’t go in the dryer so I hang it on the rack. I use this every time a wash clothes. Even though the rack is plastic it’s really sturdy and has lots of tiers so it can hold a ton of clothes at once. It also folds up to be very small, probably about 1 ft by 1 ft. It’s a great space saver! I got mine from IKEA but I found the same on on Amazon here:

2) Under Bed Clothing Storage– These bins are amazing! I did not buy mine, my mom gave me one of hers when I moved but it has been a life saver! Its a flat plastic bin that you can store a clothes, shoes, or anything else that you want to get out of the way and it has little rollers that lets you roll it under your bed easily! I store my winter boots in there during the warmer months because they take up a bunch of space that I don’t have. Another option is to store bulky winter clothes. This is perfect for an apartment or dorm room where you don’t have a ton of space! Amazon Link Here:

3) Fabric Storage Boxes– I bought 4 of these storage boxes at IKEA and they are so classy and fit perfectly in many spaces. I have them on the upper shelf in my closet (the one above the clothing bar). They look so organized and it makes everything look so much neater. I put various things in them from scarves and toques to belts and throw blankets. Instead of having a messy stack of items, you now have a row of matching storage boxes! I have them in black but I bet they look amazing in any color!

4) Keurig– I cannot live without coffee. I have had a Keurig since my first year of university and I have to give it a big thank you for getting me through 4 years of exams. I have a smaller one which makes about 4 cups of coffee before you have to refill it. There are larger ones available of course. This is the one I have and I haven’t had a single problem with it:

5) Shoe Rack– We have a couple of show rack in our apartment; one in the entryway and one in the closet. They are essential because between my boyfriend and I we have an insane amount of shoes. I am a fan of ones that have several tiers because vertical storage is such a space saver. This is a rather large rack but there are definitely smaller ones you can buy. This would probably be large for a dorm but if your apartment has a bit more space this could be a good option. Some even have wheels!

6) George Foreman Grill– I got this grill as a gift one year and I can’t live without it. It grills meal perfectly and we frequently do sausages in it. It’s almost impossible to burn anything on this and it takes the greases out of things so nicely. This is the smaller one I have but there are larger options available too!

7) Moccasins/ Slippers– We have no carpet in our apartment so our floor gets really cold in the winter. I also have terrible circulation in my feet. These keep my feet so warm that I can only wear them for a few hours and then I have to take them off. I have two pairs ( blue and black) because a kitten tore all of the fur off my first pair thinking it was a friend to play with. These were also great when I was living in dorms and was too lazy to put real shoes on when I went down to the lounge. My moccasins were made locally so I can’t link the exact ones but these look identical and I’m convinced they are the same!

8) Cook Books– I love to try new recipes and since you are living independently now you should learn to cook a few recipes. I have this cookbook and it presents a fun challenge to begin cooking for yourself more regularly:

9) Frying pan storage– This is great so that you don’t just have to throw your pans in a cupboard and cringe every time you have to open the door. There is VERY limited space in my kitchen and this has been a life saver. You can use it for pans, baking sheets, cutting boards- anything you need to keep upright!

10) Bathroom Storage Cart– This storage cart is worth every penny. I was skeptical because it was so expensive but I bought it and built it and a couldn’t believe how sturdy it was. It has 3 tiers and I have it in the corner of my bathroom to hold any products I need. We have zero storage in our bathroom (no drawers, just the under the sink cabinet) so this has been a great solution.

Thank you guys so much for reading my blog. I hope that you enjoyed this post and gained some ideas of things you may need for your apartment (maybe you can get an early start on this years Christmas list). As always, please drop a comment if you want to add anything to the list, I would love to hear some suggestions! If you are interested in following my blog for more content like this, please do so! Also, in case you were wondering why I have so many Amazon links (I’m sure you know why), as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please do not feel obligated to purchase, I am simply sharing my favorite products with you!

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