Iced Coffee Recipe

I have recently been trying to spend less money on coffee and unlike my January self-care challenge (to come in another post), I have actually been succeeding. I only bought coffee twice last week. I’m going to be very honest- I have been watching a lot of Graham Stephan and I have been influenced by his 20 cent iced coffee. My iced coffee is not 20 cents but I’m also not buying Starbucks so I call that a win. This recipe is more like a 2.00 iced coffee but it would be more than twice that at Starbucks.


  • Earth’s Own Oat Milk- Barista Edition 946ml ($5.49) you could probably use any kind of milk here and I am definitely going to try out a less expensive milk next week. I’ve never tried oat milk and I love it. It’s so smooth and it just has quite a different taste than almond milk does. 
  • JJ Bean Cold Brew Coffee Black 900ml ($4.99). This is a key ingredient here. This is the only cold brew that my store has buy is it ever good. It even just smells amazing. Realistically, I could brew my own coffee and put it in the fridge. BUT, when you cool off regular coffee it gets really bitter and no matter how much sugar or milk you add, it doesn’t cover up that taste. This is regularly on for 2 for 8.00 so I will likely only buy it at that price because it is pretty expensive. 
  • Baileys vanilla coffee creamer 400ml (2.50)– I always buy this on sale (2 for $5.00). You can use any flavour you want here but this is what I had in my fridge at the moment. I don’t even really factor this into the cost because it is such a small amount of creamer to add in. Also, in case you were wondering, this is non-alcoholic baileys.

To make this I pour in 1 cup of cold brew, a little less than 1 cup of milk and splash in the creamer until the coffee is sweet enough for me. I like to use around ¾ cup of milk but I’m going to count it as 1 cup just to simplify the cost calculation. 

946lm/250ml= 3.784 900ml/250ml= 3.6

Rounding up, I will get about 4 cups of coffee out of this. I would just use whatever coffee is left to make the final cup.

5.49+4.99= 10 10.48/4= 2.62 per cup

This comes out to a little bit more than I expected it to. 2.62 a cup is still a little better than Starbucks coffee.  We’ll do another calculation with sale price of the ingredients that I bought. 

4.00+4.99= 8.99 8.99/4= 2.25 per cup

2.25 is a little bit better. I’m going to try out a cheaper and larger jug of milk so that I can make it last at least twice as long and bring the price down.

I hope that this helped spark some thoughts about making your own coffee at home! Let me know what you do when you make coffee at home. Do you simply just pour it in your cup and go or do you need all of the fixings?

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