Challenges for 2020

Before the new year began I was thinking about doing a challenge every month. I did lots of research and I started a list of challenges that interested me. I was supposed to be doing a self-care challenge in January but that fell off the rails almost immediately. I painted my nails on January 1st and that was the end of that. February is going to be better. Here is a list and a rough outline of which challenge I want to do each month.

30 Days of Self-Care– This challenge was focused around taking time out to do something for yourself every day. Whether it’s painting your nails, doing a face mask, or taking a relaxing bath, the goal was to do one thing for yourself every day.  I thought this challenge was going to be a breeze; the easiest of them all. I was wrong. Apparently it’s really hard to find time for yourself every day and be intentional about doing it. I think I failed this challenge because I took it really lightly. Hopefully you will have more luck than I did with this one!

Poetry Challenge- I thought about this as one of my challenges because I’ve always enjoyed writing (imagine that, I have a blog and enjoy writing). I think that challenging yourself to write a poem everyday on a different topic would be a very neat challenge. 

Fitness Challenge– There are a lot of fitness challenges that you can do whether it’s at home or at the gym. I would likely save these types of challenges for the summer months because I could incorporate outdoor activities. You can really do anything you want here. My goal would be to run a mile every day for a whole month. Pick any kind of skill you want to work on for the month. Maybe you want to get better at push-ups so you want to do 10 a day for the whole month. Maybe it’s your goal to go to the gym and do a workout every day for that month.

Reading Challenge- If you’re an avid reader like me, you would jump at the chance to do a reading challenge. The challenge I would set for myself would be to read one book a day but that’s really insane because I work full time. A more realistic challenge would be to set a page goal per day and a goal for the month of how many books you want to read. If you say you want to read 100 pages a day and 3 books a week, that would be a lot more reasonable because you could catch up on reading on the weekends. February might be a good time to do this challenge because it’s I Love to Read Month. 

Finance Challenge- There’s nothing wrong with a good financial challenge! It could be really good for your bank account. Pick a month to do a challenge like this when you know your expenses will be lower. Don’t do this in December when you know you are going to have to be buying christmas presents for people. For an entire month, try to not spend on anything but necessities. No coffee, no clothing, no outings. Find exciting things to do for free! If you can make this into a habit and not be constantly spending money that you don’t need to be spending, this could be a very beneficial exercise. 

Cooking Challenge- There are so many cooking challenges out there. Whether you want to just start to cook more at home and eat out less or you want to start the journey to becoming a master chef, there is a cooking challenge for you. I would love to do a challenge where I have to try a new recipe every day. One day could be a new crock pot recipe, one could be dessert, and another could be an appetizer. I’m very excited at the prospect of this challenge. 

Quote Challenge- This is one that is tailored to me specifically. I have always wanted to fill up an entire notebook with quotes. It’s on my bucket list. I want to do a challenge where, every day for a month, I write down a quote that I like. 

Meal Prep Challenge– This could technically fall under the cooking category but I would love to do a challenge that is all about meal prep. Pick one meal and decide on a 4 recipes, one for each week and stick to your plan. This isn’t really something for every day of the month but you get to eat a delicious breakfast, lunch, or supper every day of the month. 

Habit Challenge– These are things that I would add on to another challenge. Two ideas I had for myself were: making my bed every morning and drinking 64 ounces of water every day for a month. Think of anything that you think would benefit you. There are probably a lot of things that you could change about your life that would make it better.

Photography Challenge– I bought a camera last year and I didn’t use it all that much. One of my serious goals for this year is to take more pictures and I think a photography challenge could inspire me to use my camera more. These challenges usually give you a different subject to take pictures of. One day it might be food and the next it could be animals. This is another challenge that I’ll leave for the summer.

These are just a few examples of things that you could challenge yourself to this year. I will post my progress with these challenges as I do them so stay tuned for more content! If you liked this post, please subscribe to my blog and comment any additional challenge ideas you would like to do! 

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