Library Study Session Essentials

When I was in University I studied at the library a lot. On weekends I would be there all day trying to finish readings and assignments. Being the person I am, I loved being in that environment and worked really well there. Being in my dorm room was not the optimal place to study as there were many distractions. The only problem with studying in the library is the fact that I would always forget things. I’d get there and realize my laptop was dead with no charger or my headphones were sitting on my desk in my room. Eventually I made a list and kept it in my bag so that when I was going on a library excursion I could pull the list out and make sure I had everything. I’m here to share that list with you.

Laptop/Charger– this is essential for obvious reasons. If you are planning to go to the library to do readings only then you might be able to get away with leaving your laptop at home but for the most part I needed mine.

Phone and Phone Charger

Library friendly snacks– These are snacks that you can eat in the quiet area of the library that don’t sound like a bomb going off. Don’t bring carrots or pretzels, or anything that can crunch. Yogurt, cheese, kolbasa, power bars, etc are all good for the library. For the love of god don’t bring an apple.

Headphones– These are to block out the people who eat apples in the library. 

Lunch Kit– Backpacks only have to much room so bringing an extra bag/lunch kit for all of your snacks is essential. 

Sweater– You cannot forget this. Our library would get so cold that we would not only bring sweaters but blankets too. This was also not in the winter. They blast the air conditioning in the summer and it makes your fingers go numb so you can hardly type. It’s like they want you to fail. I’m joking. But seriously, bring a sweater. 

Water bottle– Don’t forget a water bottle. If you don’t bring one you will get parched a couple of hours into your study session and have to go back to your dorm for water. You will never return to the library.

Warm Socks/ slippers– In the summer I wore flip flops a lot but, like I said, it’s so cold in the library I would have to bring socks to put on once I got there. Warm socks. 

Hair ties– this is pretty self-explanatory but hair ties are a must for long study sessions. My hair starts to get really annoying after a couple of hours. 

Things to write with– There’s nothing worse than getting to the library and realizing you forgot a pen or the one you brought doesn’t write. Trust me, I’ve done it, don’t ask me how. Bring a few pens, pencils, hi lighters, erasers, and white out tape in a pencil case so they don’t get lost amongst your books.

Your wallet– Imagine this; you get settled in to your spot at the library and you’re ready to go get a coffee to fuel your study session but you forgot your wallet in your dorm. Now you have to struggle through your readings with only water (you remembered that right?)

Travel Mug– for those wise students who save money by bringing their own coffee.

Books, obviously. Bring any textbooks and notebooks you think you might need. A lot of the time I would bring everything because halfway through I would get bored of one subject and want to study something else. Unless you have a solid plan of what you want to study, I would suggest bringing material for multiple subjects.

Flash Cards. Always bring blank flash cards. If I was at the library and I didn’t have flashcards with me my study session was out the window.

Planner– If you have a hard cover planner make sure you bring it with you so you know what assignments you have coming up.

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