10 Things I’ve Started Doing when I get up in the Morning

  1. Washing my face as soon as I get up. Now, this is not to say that I didn’t wash my face before but I was super inconsistent with it and I didn’t do it right when I woke up. Since I shower before bed instead of in the morning, washing my face helps me wake up. 
  1. Eating breakfast- I’ve done through phases in my life when I ate breakfast every morning and then would fall back into a routine of not eating breakfast. I am definitely a person who should eat breakfast, especially since I get up at 5:30. I’m always starving by the time I start work at 8:30. My go to right now is a bagel with cream cheese and some kid of lunch meat on it. 
  1. Emptying the dishwasher- As soon as my boyfriend is awake and in the shower I’ll start to unload the dishwasher and clean the kitchen. There’s honestly nothing I hate more than a dirty kitchen (Ok, there probably is, but I’m being dramatic) especially after work. Walking in the door to a nice clean kitchen is so great, especially since it’s the first thing you see in our apartment when you walk in.
  1. Reading- The only time that my place is silent enough for me to enjoy my books is in the morning so I take advantage of it when I can. The morning is a really nice time to do quiet activities that you wouldn’t normally be able to do with others in the house. 
  1. Writing- Going back to the quirt of the morning, I like to write in the morning. It really depends on the morning though. How I’m feeling determines whether or not I will write. This morning, I woke up feeling really rested and I was motivated to write but other mornings I wake up feeling half dead and it takes all my strength just to make it out of bed to brush my teeth. On those mornings, most of the things on this list will go out the window. But in all seriousness, the morning is my ideal time to write. It’s too bad that I have to work a 9-5 because it really cuts into my perfect writing time. My 9-5 is inhibiting my ability to develop my writing enough to not have to rely on a 9-5. Just kidding. 
  1. Listening to some kind of motivational talk. I like listening to this stuff in the morning because it gets me fired up to crush it at work for the day. I don’t do this every morning but sometimes I turn one on when I feel like I could use a bit of extra motivation.I really like to listen to speeches by elon musk or sometimes I’ll  listen to writers like Stephen King. It depends on what kid of motivation I’m looking for at the moment.
  1. Tidying up the living room- This goes back to liking a clean home to come back to after work. Just picking up a few things here and there and folding blankets really helps me feel better about my space. 
  1. Making a to do list- To do lists are very important to me and having one done early in the morning helps me organize my day. 

9. Having Coffee- this is one that a lot of people do and it doesn’t sound special. but , getting up early and being able to sip on my coffee for an hour without anyone interrupting me is really important to me. It’s sacred time with me and my favorite thing- caffeine.

10. Stretching- Even if it’s just for a few minutes.

These are some of the things that I’ve started doing this month that I felt were beneficial for my overall health! Getting up earlier has become much easier since I started doing it consistently and even though I get off track with it, I have been pretty consistent over all.

Published by Brooklyn

Just a recent university graduate sharing her love of reading! In my free time you'll either find me reading or working on my novel!

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