February Book Review #1 Wired- Julie Garwood

My February goals was to read 4-5 books this month. One every week and maybe a bonus one. My list of books can be found here: https://struggling20something.com/2020/01/22/february-challenge-i-love-to-read-month/ . I’ve finished my first book but it wasn’t one on this list. 

Spoiler Alert

Wired is a great romance novel with a bit of suspense worked in. It has a lot of elements to the plot that I was really impressed with and the characters were all really likable and fully developed. I will be explaining a lot about the characters and plot of book in this review so if you don’t want spoilers, read the book first and see if you agree with my review or not.

Our main character is a tech genius which is fun in and of itself. You don’t see a lot of women in STEM fields in real life and you certainly don’t see it a lot in books. This is probably the first book I’ve read where the female protagonist is a hacker. I thought it was an awesome start to the book.

Allison, our main character is likeable from the start and easy to relate to. In the opening chapter, you can already tell that she’s going to be very dynamic and have a lot of interesting personality traits. We already begin to learn about her trouble with the law here and her ethically questionable leisure activities. 

Her best friend and computer genius friend Jordan is just as likable and I honestly wish that she played a bigger role in the story. She was mostly used as a bridge in the story because of her connections with the FBI. There needed to be some kind of logical way that the FBI had heard about Allisons talents. 

This brings me to my next favourite part of the story. Allison, the girl with ethically questionable leisure activities, is suddenly recruited into the FBI to find a mole in one of the branches. She has to come clean to them almost immediately about her not so legal activities and she gets immunity granted. For a while, though, it’s a bit of a witing game as to whether or not she will be arrested or not. It was a fun internal monologue to read; her freaking out about the possibility of going to jail. 

Now enter the super hot and sexy FBI agent that is basically her personal body gaurd, Liam. Super good name by the way. I think every name in this story is one that I think is inherently attractive. I think names are really important in romance novels. There are novels that I have read where I absolutely hated the protagonists name and it drove me crazy throughout the whole book even though the plot was really good and there was nothing else wrong with the story. 

Anyways, back to Liam. Obviously they have a thing for each other but throughout the whole book it’s a guessing game as to what will actually happen between them since Liam is adamant that he doesn’t date “assets” as the FBI likes to call her. He’s lying by the way, he does date assets. 

Naturally, we have a subplot in here that involves Allison’s quest to build an impenetrable firewall. One of her old roommates steals her computer and tries to market it as her own but Allison stops him like and absolute boss and Liam comes to her rescue when things get out of hand. This subplot is woven so intricately through the story that it wasn’t super obvious what was being hinted at early on but now that I look back I can totally see the ways that it ties in to smaller details that were mentioned in the beginning of the book. 

All in all, this is an amazing romance novel. I believe it is even categorized in the suspense category which I would agree with. It’s been a long time since I’ve read a novel that I had a hard time putting down but this was definitely one of them. 

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