10 Things That Every Adult Should Own

  1. Drying agent for the dishwasher– this is very important in my house. Our dishwasher will not dry dishes without drying agent. I know it seems weird because that’s part of the function of a dishwasher but anyways… I’m pretty sure it’s called rinse agent even though the purpose of it is to dry the dishes. We use the finish quantum stuff. Trust me, if you feel like your dishes come out of the dishwasher wet, this will help. 
  1.  A good pair of running shoes– You are now entering the time of sore knees, back problems and desk jobs. Please, for the sake of your body, buy a good pair of running shoes. You don’t have to go crazy but go to Nike and spend 100.00 on a good quality pair of shoes that fits you. You don’t have to be an athlete or a gym goer. Even if you are just taking a walk around the block you should be wearing a pair of shoes that fit you and that have good ankle support. If you don’t do it now, you could be spending a lot of money on orthopedic shoes later on in life. I’m only 22 and I already have knee problems so it’s not something you should ignore. 
  1. One good cook book– I know the internet is full of recipes but having a cookbook by a chef that you know and like can be great. There are certain cookbooks that are geared toward specific diets or methods of cooking so find something that you like and buy it! I’m a person who really likes to have a tangible recipe in front of me. 
  1. A good set of Tupperware– Keep in mind that good doesn’t necessarily mean glass. We have glass Tupperware and it’s great but it’s really heavy to take to work all the time. Getting a good quality plastic set of Tupperware could be just as good.
  1. Reusable shopping bags– I didn’t use a year ago. Now we have four of them that we use consistently. Almost every store charges for plastic bags and some places are going to start phasing them out completely. So, unless you want to be carrying all of your groceries out in your arms, invest in some reusable bags. 
  1. Swiffer Wet/Dry– If you have a place that has hard floors you absolutely need some kind of broom and mop. I have a swiffer that you can change the pads on from mop to broom and it works really well. In the winter, the snow and sand that comes in from outside on our boots drives me nuts and I need to sweep and mop frequently. 
  1. Tool Kit– Get a small tool kit for your place. Even if you are in an apartment and maintenance can come fix things for you, there is a definite possibility that you will have to fix something yourself at some point. 
  1. Extras of everything– This is kind of vague but just have a surplus of things that you can run out of. Keep a spare pack of batteries for the remote, have some spare tooth brushes on hand, have 3 pairs of scissors because you’ll never be able to find one when you need them. 
  1. Drying Rack– I’ve mentioned this before but you absolutely need a drying rack. You’re not just throwing all of your clothes in the dryer and hoping they turn out ok are you?  
  1. A good set of knives and a knife sharpener-My dad got me my first real set of knives for my birthday one year and it was a great gift. I bought the knife sharpener a little while later and, let me tell you, there is nothing more satisfying than cooking with freshly sharpened knives. 

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