How to Keep your Home Clean

This post is not specific to houses. I currently live in an apartment and this is how I keep it clean. This can also apply to Condos or dorms as well!

Keeping your place clean is a pain. It takes a lot of time and It seems impossible to keep looking clean after you put everything away. I’m here to give you a few quick and easy things that you can do to keep your place spotless without taking up too much precious time.


Run your dishwasher at night and empty it in the morning. We always run out dishwasher at night. It’s in part because I like having some noise at night in the background when I’m trying to sleep but it’s also because when we go to bed, we know we wont be using any dishes for the remainder of the night so there won’t be any dirty dishes making a mess on the counter while the dishwasher runs. Emptying it in the morning is great too because it leaves room for all the dishes you will make during the next day or two.

Put your lunch dishes in the dishwasher as soon as you get home from work. I have a habit of leaving my dirty dishes in my work bag and then just putting them on the counter in the morning when I leave. Don’t do this.

Wipe the counter when you’re done eating/making food. 

Put your supper dishes away as soon as you are finished eating. 

Don’t let your sink get dirty. A dirty sink can make your kitchen look really dingy. After you wash dishes in the sink, wipe it down with some soap and a cloth/paper towel. Wipe down the taps at the same time. It will really make a difference. 


Invest in a hamper. Just do it. Don’t let your clothes pile up on the floor. Most of the mess in our bedroom comes from having clothes on the floor. If you have a hamper to throw them into it immediately makes the room look a lot neater. 

Make your bed before you go to work. It only takes 5 minutes maximum and that’s only if you own a ton of throw pillows. It’s a great habit to get into. I know your parents have been telling you that since you were a kid but, guess what, they were right. 

Only keep the essentials on your nightstand/dresser. This is one that I started doing recently and it can help reduce clutter that is making your room look messy. On your nightstand, only keep the things you absolutely need. I would go as far as to say to only keep 3 things on each surface in your bedroom.. My nightstand had my water bottle, a jewelry box, and some coasters. That’s it. Same goes for your dresser or vanity. Only keep what you absolutely need on those surfaces and put the rest away. 

Something else that really helped me keep my room tidier was what some people call the one touch rule. I do this for clothing. When I change out of my clothes after work, I should only have to touch them once for them to be in the right place. I ask myself: “will I wear this again or does it need to go in the hamper?” It’s that simple. The answer is never going to be “this should go on the floor.


This is the one that everyone dreads. I don’t think anyone enjoys cleaning the bathroom. You either hate it or you’re a liar. The main thing with your bathroom is to not leave it for too long and let it get dirty. You need to set a specific day to clean it and just stick to it. Here are a list of the things you should be doing to your bathroom weekly:

Clean the toilet: to make this easier, you can get some of the scrubbing bubble toilet gels that you stick in the toilet so they clean it with every flush. 

Wipe the counter and the sink every time you see it getting dirty. If you keep up with the mess, it becomes a lot less of a chore when you do need to clean. 

Have a garbage can in your bathroom. This one is pretty obvious but it’s important. 

Invest in a good shower curtain that isn’t going to mold. 

Clean the mirrors– no one likes dirty mirrors

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