How to Do Laundry Like an Adult

How I Sort My Laundry

Laundry can be one of the most daunting cleaning tasks that exists if you let it pile up and take over your bedroom floor. Let’s be real; we’re all busy and laundry takes time. When I lived in dorms, doing laundry was one of the worst things because we had to drag all of our laundry down to the basement to wash. I don’t even want to know how often I washed my sheets (it wasn’t once a week I’ll tell you that much) And the worst thing is, my clothes never stay looking the same as they did when I bought them. I’m here to share what I have learned over the years of doing laundry. Sometimes I’ll also throw old sweatpants and sweaters in here too.

Sorting is one of the biggest problems I have. Since I started working a real job and can no longer wear athleisure to work on the regular, I have amassed a ton of clothes that I don’t know how to wash. Between work jeans, regular jeans, work shirts/ sweaters, other shirts/ sweaters, workout clothes, towels, and bedding, who knows what should be washed with what. These are the different categories I use:

Towels/tea towels/dish cloths

I usually wash these in hot water on the normal cottons cycle, whether that’s what I’m supposed to do or not because it makes me feel like they are being cleaned better. I then dry them on delicate in the dryer (our delicate cycle seems to be very hot and they dry just fine)

Work out Clothes

This load is sorted, not by color, but by material. This load is done on a tap cold delicate cycle. Tap cold is said to be the most gentle of the temperatures. Anything that is nylon/lycra/spandex material will go in this load. Workout tights and tops will get thrown together in here and it is not sorted by color because I think 100% of it is black. I do not do any kind of sock in this load because it gets fluff all over my nice pants and shirts. This is the load where I will do all of my bras as well. Sports bras and regular bras will both go in a garment bag to stay protected in the wash. Everything in this load gets hung up on a drying rack to dry. DO NOT PUT YOUR WORKOUT CLOTHES IN THE DRYER PLEASE.

Work Pants

I basically throw my three pairs of work jeans in here. You may be thinking, what are work jeans? Well, I have three identical pairs of high waisted black skinny jeans that I wear to work every day. I’m not required to wear dress pants and it’s pretty hard to tell the difference anyways. I turn these inside out to wash. Also, if you’re a person who keep things in your pockets, please always check the pockets before hand. I have a couple of long sleeve cotton body suist that I will also throw in here. I wash these on tap cold on a delicate cycle and I might throw in a couple tank tops that I wear to work. All of this gets hung to dry. 


Work Sweaters

My work is so cold that my wardrobe consists almost exclusively of sweaters. Anything that is wool or fuzzy ish goes in here. I don’t need this stuff messing up my nice jeans with their fluff. I turn all of this inside out and I wash it on tap cold delicate. Wool sweaters need to be laid flat to dry. None of this should be going in the dryer. It will shrink, trust me.

Socks and Underwear

I usually throw socks and underwear with other miscellaneous things that I have laying around. Sweaters and t shirts can go in here along with pajama pants. Any sweaters that are newer and nice get hung up to dry. Most of the t-shirts are my boyfriends so they can also go in the dryer because he doesn’t care. The socks and underwear also go in because who has time to hang those to dry?


This usually gets washed on tap cold but I read that you’re supposed to wash it on the hottest setting possible in order to get rid of dust and whatever has built up over time. Sheets and pillow cases go in together in one load, then the comforter goes in by itself, after that, our throw blankets go in. This all goes in the dryer on the dry cycle for cottons.

Notice, I sort my laundry by fabric type rather than color. This is because my wardrobe is almost all black. I own about 4 things that are white and they are all the same fabric type so they get washed together. Everything else is put in together, no matter the color. For example; I don’t care if my white socks go in with my dark socks, it’s just not a concern for me.


Something that has really helped me with laundry is looking at the tags on my clothing that have the washing information. It can be very helpful to follow the suggested washing directions and it will likely keep your clothes in good shape longer. I will put in a link here to the tide website that has a breakdown of what the different symbols mean when washing:

There isn’t a lot more to laundry than this. If you are even unsure of how to was something, check the tag for instructions. And I don’t mean the tag at the back of the neck. There is a tag that is usually halfway down the side of a shirt or in the side of the waistband for pants. This is what has the washing instructions.

That’s it for this post! I’m definitely not saying that this will work for everyone but it is what works for me and mu fairly simple wardrobe. If you have any tips you use, please share them in the comments!

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