Snacks to Bring to Work

Snacks at work are a funny thing. You get hungry but you don’t want to crunch too loud or make a mess so what should you bring? These are some snack ideas for work that may or may not be a little but crunchy but they are filling and tasty so that’s really all that matters right? Your co-workers can suck it up for 5 minutes.



While these may fall into the dangerous territory of foods that are too crunchy for work, I can guarantee that they will stave off hunger until lunch time. Sometimes when I forget to eat breakfast (or even when I do eat breakfast), I find that I start to get hungry around 10:00. I like to keep a container of walnuts on hand (you can use any kind) and much on them so that I don’t go buy myself something from the vending machine conveniently located around the corner from my office.

Cheese and Crackers

This is another great snack for the morning snacker. It’s not high in sugar and if you bring enough it will be filling and last you until lunch. Also, cheese should typically be refrigerated but it’s not going to kill you to leave it in your bag for a couple of hours until you eat it. This is not scientific fact, just my opinion from eating my fair share of unrefrigerated cheese and living to tell the tale. 


Yogurt is another one of those things that should be refrigerated but won’t spoil in a couple hours outside of the fridge. I like to bring my yogurt in a glass container (it keeps cold longer) and add toppings. Peanut butter, nuts, berries, oats, and even chocolate sometimes. I use vanilla Greek yogurt because it’s a plain base to add toppings to. You might be asking me “why don’t you just use plain Greek yogurt.” I will tell you why. Because plain Greek yogurt tastes like sour cream and anyone who says they like it is a liar. Fight me. 


Celery and Hummus

For this snack you can obviously substitute celery for any vegetable that you want but I prefer celery because I think it goes great with hummus. You can use carrots, peppers, even crackers. Don’t be afraid to try different types of hummus or other dips either! Guac is great and are things like spinach and artichoke dip. The store we shop at has a whole cooler full of different dips and I still haven’t tried them all! Keep in mind, this isn’t necessarily meant to be a healthy list. Certain dips have a lot of fat in them so you have to be careful with that if calories are something you are concerned about.

Protein Balls/Bars

These can be bought or made and are great for an afternoon pick me up or a breakfast replacement. I love homemade protein balls. I use oats, maple syrup, peanut butter, and various nuts and seeds to make mine. I’ll put two or three in a baggie and bring them for an afternoon snack. This kind of thing can get pretty pricey at the store so I would highly suggest finding a recipe you like and making your own. 

Guac and Chips 

Nothing is better than an afternoon snack of guacamole and chips. Just like the protein balls, you can make your own guac to bring. However, it wont necessarily be cheaper, at least where I’m from, because avocados are horrendously expensive. I like to have tostito chips with mine but you can definitely use crackers too! I don’t like dipping veggies in guac for whatever reason but if that is something that you like, feel free to do that!


Dried Fruit

Dried fruit isn’t something that I normally eat but I make an exception for work. I don’t want to be sitting at my desk crunching on an apple or awkwardly eating a banana while trying to avoid eye contact with everyone. Dried fruit is compact and cant get bruised or squished in your bag like fresh fruit. Save the fresh stuff for at home.


Eat them plain, dip them in hummus or guac, or even peanut butter! I love pretzels. They are the best.


Buy them, make them, have your spouse make them, whatever you want! I love muffins. They may not be the healthiest food in the world but they sure are tasty. 

Energy Bars

My favorite energy bars are cliff bars. They are basically a glorified chocolate bar with some extra protein but I don’t care. I’m not under the delusion that they are healthy. I also like to dip them in peanut butter for some added protein and calories. 


These are some of the snacks that I like to bring to work! I work an office job so I don’t think this will apply to everyone but this is all I know! I feel like I’m always hungry at work and having some of these things on hand makes a huge difference. Let me know what kinds of snacks you bring to your work! Thanks so much for reading my post and if you liked it please be sure to subscribe to my blog for more awesome posts!

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