Grocery List: Sunday March 8th, 2020

My grocery order for today was a little more expensive than normal. I’m trying to build up a bit of a food storage just in case things start to disappear off of the shelves here. The first case of Covid-19 was confirmed in Calgary this morning and apparently things are just flying off of the shelves. I prefer to be proactive rather than reactive. This is a grocery order for two people for about one week. Certain things will last us a little bit more and other things are for our food supply that we have started. It makes me really wish that we had a pantry in our apartment as opposed to the bookcase we are currently storing our food on. 

We order our groceries for pick up from our local grocery store. Usually we pick up our groceries on Sunday morning but there are some things that I want to make so we actually picked this up Saturday. I’ll break this down into categories and give you the prices. I think that everything I bought was on sale. 


Country Harvest Bread- Grains and Protein- $2.99
Country Harvest Bread- Grains + Omega-3 Flax & Quinoa- $2.99

Baking and Cooking Needs

Baikpan Fast Rising Yeast (x2)- $3.00
Rogers Bread Flous- $5.99


SunRype Slim Blueberry Burst Juice- $3.19

Breakfast & Cereals

Clif Energy Bar- Chocolate Brownie (x3)- $5.00

Condiments and Sauces

Nuts to You Organic Fair Trade Sesame Tahini Smooth- $6.99
Western Family Light Mayonnaise- $3.49


Yoplait Source Strawberry Yogurt- $2.99


Delissio Pizzeria vintage Pizza- Pepperoni- $4.99
Marc Angelo Turkey Patties (12 pk)- Mild italian (X2)- $20.00

Meat & Seafood

Maple Leaf Bacon- Naturally Smoked- $2.99
Western Canadian Lean Ground Chicken Breast (300g) (X2)- $7.84

Pasta, Sauces, Grains

Betty Crocker Butter & Herb Mashed Potato (X2)- $3.33
Betty Crocker Roasted Garlic Mashed Potato (x2)- $3.33
Uncle Bens Rice (X3)- $3.00
Western Family Penne Rigate Pasta (900g) (X2)- $4.78


Bananas (X7)- $2.71
Carrots 2lbs- $2.50
Garlic (X2)- $1.50
Yellow Bell Peppers (X2)- $4.27
Cadbury Premium Dark Chocolate- $2.00

Soup and Canned Goods

Campbells Broth (Beef, Chicken, Chicken Roasted Garlic, Chicken with white wine) (X4)- $8.00
Western Family Tomatoes Diced no added salt (X2)- $3.00

Total: $112.62

I would love to hear your thoughts on this list. I know that the store we shop at is a little more expensive than others so please tell me if there are things on this list that you thought were really expensive!

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