COVID-19 in my City

I started writing this post on March 2nd. A lot has happened since then. Things have changed drastically since then and it’s honestly been insane. I’m going to share my original post and add to it at the end.


March 2nd, 2020

Okay guys, we’re going to get really serious here. The recent events in regards to COVID- 19 are terrifying and when you really stop to think about what might happen, it’s scary. The last pandemic was declared in 2009 and I was only 12. I didn’t have to worry about the same things I do now. A few days ago, my parents mentioned that they were picking up some extra food just in case and told me I should think about doing the same. Until this point, I had not thought about what would happen if there was an emergency and we couldn’t leave our home for a few days. Sometimes we find ourselves going to the grocery store to pick up things for supper because we don’t have much in our fridge. I didn’t realize how detrimental this could be to us in an emergency.

It is recommended that you have a two weeks supply of food and water. We’d be lucky to have more than a few days with the food that we have on hand. The water for me is a little harder because we aren’t going to keep gallons of water around, especially when the probability of not having access to water is pretty unlikely. I bought one four litre jug to have on hand just in case which is technically only enough for one day for my boyfriend and I.

So what did we do? I decided we needed to take action just in case something were to happen. This is part of being an adult, whether we like it or not. It’s very important to be prepared in an emergency situation and I definitely take things for granted like being able to go to the grocery store on a moments notice. We went to superstore and did our weekly shop but bought a few things in addition to that. Here’s what we bought:

2kg jar of peanut butter. I bought no name brand because it is cheaper and you’re not goign to care what your peanut butter tastes during a pandemic. 

Case of 6 Gatorade: I read that it’s important to keep electrolyte drinks on hand in case one of you gets sick. 

Advil: Along with electrolytes, I read that it’s important to stock up on over the counter cold medications in case someone falls ill. I couldn’t find a larger bottle of advil so I settled for a 32 capsule. 

Pasta: This is a staple in my opinion. This will fuel you if you need it. I got a 2KG bag of rotini, a 2KG bag of macaroni elbows, a 900g bag of penne and a 2kg bag of white rice. I know this sounds like overkill but it was really cheap and I think it’s a very good thing to have on hand. 

Pasta Sauce: With all of that pasta I need some sauce. It keeps a long time and it can turn bland pasta into a nice meal. I got 2 jars of four cheese sauce and two tomato basil. A serving of pasta is around 114 grams so, ideally, one of these bags of pasta should be enough to get us through 8 days of dinners at least.

Canned Vegetables: Corn, beans, carrots, peas.

Soup: Campbells soups were on for a dollar each so we got the limit of four to add to the 6 we have at home already. 

Gatorade: they recommend to have some kind of electrolyte drink on hand in case you do get sick and Gatorade is our drink of choice.



A few days ago, COVID-19 was officially declared a pandemic. Yesterday, Canada shut its borders to any non-citizen and non permanent residents (excluding Americans for now). People are convinced that things are going to be shut down completely.

Stores have no toilet paper, they have no medicine. We went to grab a few things from our local grocery store last night and there were no eggs, no milk, no pasta. Everything was so picked through, especially things that are non perishable. The frozen section was also insanely picked over.

My province has very few cases which means it will be pretty easy to guess which province I’m from. I guess ‘very few’ could also be a pretty subjective number. But the fact that there aren’t very many cases where I live and the panic is still so bad, is scary. I’m scared and I think that everyone else would do well to be scared because there is no way that you can be over prepared. There is no possible way that the government and the general public can be too cautious in this time. I’m not saying that I condone panic buying but I think that in terms of personal health and the health of others, people should be taking every precaution that there is.


I know that my opinion is just one in the sea of opinions about this but I cannot stress enough how seriously this situation should be taken. People think they’re invincible because they are in an age category where they are the least likely to have serious complications from the sickness but that is not the only thing to consider. You need to consider those around you who may not be in that category. Those who may have weakened immune systems or are in a demographic that has a lower chance of recovering from the disease. We need to come together and think about everyone right now, not just about ourselves.

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