The Ultimate Guide to Starting your Bucket List


While the entire world is stuck inside trying to stay safe from COVID-19 I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about bucket lists! What better time to appreciate all of the things that you can do with your life than when you’re stuck inside and can’t go live your life to the fullest? I bet there are a lot of people around the world right now talking about all of the great adventures they could be going on if only they weren’t mandated by the government to remain inside except for necessary outings for food and other essentials. 

I made my bucket list when I was in grade 11 or 12. That seems like a really long time ago and I guess it sort of is. A lot has changed in the last 6 or 7 years and I think a lot of stuff that I have on my bucket list probably isn’t relevant anymore. I am referring specifically to the travel related items on my bucket list. When I was younger I thought that it was cool to want to do those things and I put them on my list even though I wasn’t all that interested in them. I made a post about it which I will link here:

But we’re not here to talk about me. We’re here to talk about all of you out there who are in quarantine and in need of something to keep you busy. I want to help you make a list of all of the things you are going to do with your life once this global crisis is over because after this is over, I think a lot of people are going to have a newfound appreciation for life and want to get out there and do something. 


Tools you May Need

Now, these are not things you cannot make a bucket list without but I always find it fun to gather tools and buy new office supplies. These are some of the things that I think would make your bucket list extra fun and unique.

  • Notebook
  • Sticky Notes
  • Hi-Lighters
  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Stickers
  • Tape
  • Craft supplies like ribbons, glitter etc.

Step 1: Get something to write with

This seems like a funny thing to say but there are so many different ways that you can make your bucket list! Initially, I just wrote mine on a few pieces of loose leaf paper and stapled them together but I have since graduated to a fancy notebook. Order a new notebook and a fancy pen if you want to get really crazy about things! This will motivate you and it makes a cool keepsake. 

Step 2: Determine how you want to set it up

You can do so many things with your bucket list. Rather than just writing things down, think about how you want to check things off. Do you simply want to cross them out as you go or do you want to put memories in there. Maybe you want to leave a space for date of completion of the item or a place for a picture or an explanation. There are so many creative things you can do. It doesn’t just have to be a list, it can be a scrapbook with snapshots of your life.


Step 3: Categories

You don’t need to organize your list into categories but choosing different categories can help you to think of ideas for your bucket list. If you want to organize by category you are more than welcome to do that but I liked having mine organized spontaneously as I thought of the ideas. I will provide some categories and examples of bucket list items below:


  • Places you want to visit
  • Things you want to do at these places
  • Modes of transportation used to travel
  • Places to stay when you travel (certain hotels etc)
  • Seeing certain wonders of the world


  • Courses you want to take
  • Skills you want to learn
  • Skills you have but want to perfect
  • What GPA you want to finish college with
  • Certifications you want to get


  • Dates you want to go on with your partner
  • Kids
  • Marriage
  • Wedding 
  • Anything else you want to do with your partner in your lifetime

Life Goals

  • Career Goals
  • Starting a Business
  • Publishing a book
  • Selling an art piece
  • Adopting a dog
  • Volunteering
  • Participating in a protest

There are so many things that you can put on your bucket list, the possibilities are endless. I could list and list until I couldn’t type anymore but hopefully this gives you some inspiration to start your own bucket list. If this isn’t enough, I will link my bucket list below and, if you haven’t taken a look at it yet, feel free to check it out!


Additional Resources

Personal Excellence Blog

This list has some fantastic ideas. Some of them are specific and others are more on the broad side so it will spark inspiration and help you think of ideas that are tailored to you!

Bucket List

This site is full of bucket list ideas. They are really great because it’s a visual format which can be preferable for some people! Making a bucket list is a very creative endeavor and this site reflects that!

I hope everyone is able to start writing with a vengeance after reading this post! I’m so excited, I want to run out and buy a new journal to revamp my bucket list! My current one is simply just a list in a notebook but I would love to make a new one with room for pictures and notes


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