April Challenge: Spring Cleaning

In honor of spring and since we’re all stuck in the house for the foreseeable future, I figured I would do 30 days of cleaning for my april challenge. Sounds fun right? While it may not be the most exciting thing, I’m really excited to try it out and declutter my apartment. 

I found a few of these challenges online and took pieces from each of them to make one Frankenstein challenge for myself. This challenge, for me, is not only about cleaning but de cluttering as well. I will link these challenges at the bottom. 



April 1: Clean the Oven and Microwave (and stovetop with special cleaner).

April 2:  Fridge- go through the food, wipe down shelves and throw out old food. Take out the crispers and wipe those too. Organize Freezer aswell.

April 3: Go through cupboards and drawers to organize them. Wipe the outsides of the cupboards with hot soapy water.

April 4: Go through shelving unit in den that holds appliances and organize them. Wipe down those shelves.

April 5: Organize pantry and wipe down shelves if needed

April 6: Wipe down all appliances with stainless steel wipes.

April 7: Take everything off of the counters and wipe them down with hot soapy water. Wipe around the taps with a lysol wipe.

April 8: Clean coffee maker (wash the parts in the sink and run hot water through it a few times). Wipe the outside of the machine with hot soapy water.

April 9: Sweep, then wash floors in kitchen and entryway area. Empty and wipe down garbage can.

April 10: Organize shoes and jackets in the entryway

April 11: Organize two drawer sets under the kitchen island



April 11: Empty and organize cupboards and drawers in the bathroom. Throw things out that are no longer needed.

April 12: Clean the toilet, tub, sink/conters, and mirror

April 13: Sweep and wash floors in bathroom. Throw out the garbage.

Bedroom/ Walk-in Closet

April 14: Organize the clothes that are hanging in the closet

April 15: Organize shelves in the closet

April 16: Sweep/Vacuum Closet floor

April 17: Organize Dresser and nightstands

April 18: Sweep/Vacuum and wash bedroom floors

April 19: Windex Mirror in bedroom and wipe down window sill. Dust where needed

April 20 : Do all laundry 

Living Room

April 21: Organize desk, side table, and anything else that is lying around. 

April 22:Fluff pillows up in the dryer and wash throw blankets

April 23: Wipe down couch and surfaces

April 24: Sweep and wash floor

April 25: Go through both desks and get rid of paper etc.

April 26: Organize Desks



April 27: Go through work bag/ purses/ backpacks and clear out things that you don’t need

April 28: Organize books 

April 29: Sort through shoes/ get rid of anything damaged

April 30: Wipe and organize the coffee table


Challenges I Used


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