What I Eat in a Day

An unexpected side effect that came with my potential IBS diagnosis is a newfound obsession with food. I’m suddenly very conscious of what I eat and how it makes me feel. I feel sick a large percentage of the time and my appetite is not great. Something that I read is that it can be better to eat 5-6 small meals during the day rather than 3 large meals. Since I need to try to eat as many calories as I can, this will be beneficial for me. I also have a tendency to get hungry, start eating, and get full right away.

6:00am- Coffee

I can’t start my day until I’e had my coffee. I usually make it right when I get up and take it to my computer. This is an almond milk lattee.


For breakfast I had two scrambled eggs with spinach. This is a meal that was recommended in an IBS food plan that I’m trying out. I usually add some pepper and seasoning salt to my eggs when I cook them. Cheese and salsa are always a go to as well but I’m trying to avoid foods that will irritate my stomach such as cheese.

9:30- Snack 1

I’m not even sure this counts, but I had a handful of chocolate chips during the morning. We made muffins the night before and had these laying around.

11:00- Snack 2

Snack 2 was a lot healthier. I cut up a Gala apple and made a dip for it with vanilla Greek yogurt and peanut butter. If you’ve never tried this dip, do it, it will change your life.

2:00- Lunch

For lunch, we fried up some Kielbasa and made BLT type thing. The sandwich has guacamole on one piece of bread and mayonnaise on the other. Then, I put a few pieces of kielbasa in the middle along with a couple slices of tomato and it was done! My boyfriend added cheese to his as well. This was incredible I would highly recommend it. The bread I used was the Country Harvest 12 grain bread.

5:00-Snack 3

For snack 3 I had a homemade chocolate chip muffin that we made yesterday. I do not have a picture of them because they fell apart once we took them out of the pan. We didn’t have muffin cups, and, even though we sprayed the tins, this batter was particularly sticky.

8:00- Supper

For supper, we made burgers on the grill and I had popcorn with it. This is white cheddar popcorn and, let me tell you, this is a conservative amount of popcorn. This stuff is so addictive. The burger also had guacamole on one bun and mayonnaise on the other. Plus a slice of tomato. I would normally have ketchup instead of guacamole but we’re trying to use it up. This was a very late supper because we were playing video games and didn’t realise what time it was. We also had a later lunch.

This is my what I eat in a day. This is on a work day and I was on a bit of a weird schedule today. Usually I eat at more regular times. Like I said, I’m trying to increase my calorie intake because I need to gain weight so this is a lot of food for me. The only thing that I didn’t eat all of was the eggs in the morning. I at 2/3 of that and put the rest in the fridge.

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