8 Ways to Motivate yourself

We all have days when it feels impossible to complete even the smallest of tasks. All we want to do is lay in bed and watch Netflix. Emptying the dishwasher or making the bed has turned into a Herculean task that absolutely cannot be tackled. So what can we do when we feel like this? What do we do when all motivation has been lost and we are all too comfortable to be unproductive? Read on for some tips to combat lack of motivation!


Write Down your Goals

Writing down your goals when you feel unmotivated can be one of the best things. Sometimes we lose sight of why we are doing what we are doing and it’s easy to lose sight of long term goals. Life can get hard and sometimes we wonder why we’re putting in all of this hard work when it’s much easier to slack off. Think about where you want to be in 5 years, 5 months, or even 5 weeks. How is what you’re doing now connected to where you want to be in the future? Being able to see how your actions contribute to your future goals can be enough to motivate you when you’re feeling sluggish.

Listen to a Motivational Video

I listened to motivational videos a lot during university. I used them as motivation to study or workout when I was really feeling like I didn’t want to. They remind me that I’m doing all of this to reach long term goals (which is easy to forget when things get tough) and that all of my hard work would pay off. These would motivate me to just push through and stop being lazy. I usually had to be in the right mood to watch these because sometimes they would just annoy me. Motivational videos and speeches are not for everyone so you will have to decide for yourself whether they are your jam. These are a few that I listened to during my time in university. I’m listening to one of these videos right now and honestly they are a real wake up call sometimes. It’s easy to sit around and feel sorry for yourself and tell yourself you’re too tired to study or too tired to workout but sometimes someone just needs to kick your butt into gear to make you realize it’s all just excuses.

These are not my videos and all credit goes to the original owner of these videos. I am simply sharing my favourite motivational videos to watch

Get Moving

If you can’t seem to shake your sluggishness, exercise! I’m not telling you to go for a run or a swim, however both of those are invigorating and will get your blood pumping. When I talk about getting moving, it can be as simple as just stretching for 10 minutes or taking your dog out for a quick walk. I highly recommend doing some kind of light exercise outside because fresh air itself can do wonders for your motivation. Sometimes, just stepping outside and breathing in the smell of rain or flowers motivates me to get off my butt and accomplish something.

Wash your face or take a shower

I know this is a bit of a weird one but I swear it works, especially in the morning. If you are having a hard time dragging yourself out of bed or starting in on your to do list, just get yourself to the bathroom and wash your face. It will make you feel awake and ready to take on the day. If you have time, take a shower, use your favorite soap, shave your legs, whatever you want but the better you feel about yourself, the more motivated you will feel to take on the day and accomplish your goals.


Listen to Some Great Music

This one is very similar to listening to motivational videos in the way it works. Just pick some music that makes you feel great! It doesn’t matter is it’s country, rap, or classical, just pick something that makes you want to get up and get something done! I have different music for different moods so when I want to get motivated I have specific artists that I listen to. Zayde Wolf, Valley of Wolves, and The Score are all artists/bands that I like to listen to for motivation.

Read Some Personal Development Books

I am going to preface this by saying personal development books are not for everyone. I have quite a few here sitting on my shelf that I haven’t been able to get through. You just have to find what reads well for you. One that I really like is The 7 Habits of Highly Productive People. This really depends on what you have access to at home. Whether it’s an e-book, an audio book, or a physical book, pick one up and read 10 or 20 pages. This can be very eye opening and motivating.


Stalk Someone Inspiring on Social Media

Who are your idols? Why do you admire them? It’s likely because they have worked hard to get where they are in life and you want to be there too. Stalk your idols on the internet. Read their books, find out more about them, learn how they got where they are. If you truly want to be like them, this will inspire you to work just as hard as they did.

Listen to a Ted Talk

Ted talks can be great because you can look ones up that are specific to your situation. They have such a wide variety of people speaking on a wide variety of topics and these talks can be very insightful. Who knows, you might even learn something. I love listening to Ted talks and hearing about others struggles and stories. Sometimes when I hear about how hard other people had it in their early life, I feel that I have no excuse for being unmotivated because I have it so easy.


These are some of my tips for motivating yourself when you are feeling like you don’t want to do or accomplish anything. I’m not saying that it’s not ok to have a day where you feel unmotivated but it can sometimes be hard to motivate ourselves to do things that are unpleasant or tough. Try out a couple of these tips and see if they work for you!

If you enjoyed reading this post please leave a comment telling me some of the things that you do to motivate yourself to study, to work out, or to get started/finish a project that you have been putting off!


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