Things to Do on Sunday for a Productive Week

Sundays are a blessing and a curse. I always feel the lurking threat of a new work week but also still feel the freedom of having a day off. I try to be productive on the weekends but sometimes Saturday just gets away from me and before I know it, I’ve been unproductive all day and now I have to do it all on Sunday, and that’s if it even gets done at all. These are just some small things that you can do on Sunday to make your week a bit less stressful. Especially since a lot of people are working from home, it becomes even more important to have your to do list done on Sunday. If you don’t get everything done you’ll be tempted to do it during the workday, ultimately lowering your productivity in regards to work. 


Empty the Dishwasher

5-10 Minutes. That’s all of the time that you need to empty the dishwasher so don’t tell yourself that you don’t have time. I know it’s annoying, and not a fun thing to do but if you can empty the dishwasher and make some room for the dirty dishes that are currently piling up on your counter, it will drastically impact the cleanliness of your kitchen. So grab a dish towel and put away those clean dishes.

Make your Bed

3-5 Minutes. This isn’t only a Sunday thing, it should be an everyday thing. Trust me, making your bed will make you feel good and it only take a few minutes. 5 tops. Definitely less. For me, it’s the first thing in the morning that I do that is productive. It starts my day off on a great note because I already feel that I’ve accomplished something. Before I started working at home, I never made my bed in the morning. Mostly because my boyfriend sleeps about an hour more than I do so I wasn’t able to make it immediately when I woke up. Now, since we’re both working from home, I make it while he’s in the shower. I got so sick of looking at a messy bed all day that I just bit the bullet and started doing it. Now, I can’t go without making it, it’s just part of my routine and that’s really the aim here. To form a routine with these habits so that they don’t feel like a chore. Once you do something enough, it just becomes part of your day. Just like brushing your teeth or washing your face.

Pick an Outfit for Monday

10-20 Minutes. Something that can cut a lot of time off my morning routine is picking my outfit the day before. I’m super indecisive about what I wear, especially since I started a job where I have to look professional all of the time. I don’t have a lot of options and a lot of them are uncomfortable because it’s not the type of clothing I’m used to. I’m more of a tights and hoodie kind of gal not dress pants and a blouse. If you’re feeling ambitious, pick out your outfits for the whole week and see how much time it saves you!

Wash a Load of Towels

20 Minutes. This time estimate includes the actual act of putting the laundry in the wash, transferring it to the dryer, and folding. Let’s be real, the machines are doing most of the work! I like to wash my towels on Sunday so that I can start the week with all clean towels. I don’t only mean bath towels either! Gather up all of your bath towels, hand towels, tea towels, and dish cloths and throw them in the wash. I like to wash my towels in hot water so that I know they are getting as clean as possible.

Wash your Work Clothes

20 Minutes. If you have some clothes that you know are going to need to be washed for the work week, do it now so you aren’t digging through a pile of dirty laundry on Monday morning looking for a shirt only to find that they’re all wrinkled and you won’t be able to fix it in time for work. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything…


Do Some Meal Prep

1-2 Hours. Now, I’m not saying you have to make every single meal for the next 5 days. What I really mean is, try to make enough food for lunches for the week to avoid eating takeout or going hungry. Cook up something in the crock pot that you can eat for lunch so you’re not stuck cooking and making dishes every night of the week. Trust me, it makes a huge difference. If you aren’t feeling up to this much cooking, at least make your Monday lunch.

Make a To Do List

10 Minutes. Make a list of the things that you want to accomplish during the week at home. Break it down into categories and write out what you’re going to do on each day. If you have errands to run or people to call, include this too. Make a commitment to do what you need to do and it will become easier to complete the tasks.

Skincare Routine

10-20 Minutes. Create a Sunday skin care routine to refresh yourself for the coming week. Exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize! Do whatever makes your skin happy. It can be as involved or as simple as you feel like doing. Pore strips and face masks can be a great idea as well! 

Clean Out your Fridge

20-30 Minutes. This is pretty self-explanatory but this is a really great thing to do on Sundays. I tend to shuffle things to the back of my fridge and forget about them so it’s important to stay on top of my fridge cleaning. Throwing out old pasta, or expired milk can do wonders for keeping your fridge organized. 


Take Out the Trash

5- 10 Minutes. Empty out all of the garbage cans in your house, not just the main one. We have garbage cans in both bathrooms and we have one for the laundry closet as well for dryer sheets and lint (yes it’s a closet, not a room). It’s easy to neglect these smaller trash bins so make sure you’re taking them out weekly.

That’s it for my list of things to do on Sunday for a more productive week! I included times in all of the descriptions because I think it helps put into perspective just how little time these individual tasks take. We always tell ourselves that we don’t have enough time to do these things or we are too intimidated to start certain tasks because they seem to be so overwhelming. I thought including time estimations could help some overcome these thoughts. I’m guilty of it myself. If I tell myself- just empty the dishwasher, it’s only going to take 5 minutes, I find myself more likely to get up and do it. Plus, after I finish one task, I find that I’m more likely to go right into another task rather than sitting back down on the couch.

If you enjoyed reading this post, please leave a comment! Tell me what you’re Sundays are looking like these days and how you get prepared for your week!


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