8 Things I Don’t Spend Money on- And 8 Things I Do

Everyone could do with a little bit of education on how to manage their money. I did not make this list to tell people that these are things that they should and shouldn’t spend money on. This is simply a list of things that I don’t personally spend on. I think it’s very important to spend wisely and form good spending habits. Part of that is making a decision as to what you want to spend on and what you don’t. This is meant to guide you in figuring out what you priorities are when it comes to spending.


Things I Don’t Spend Money on

These are things that I do not currently spend money on. I haven’t even spent much, if any, money on these things. I may start eventually but, right now, they just aren’t a priority.


This is something that a lot of people spend inordinate amounts of money on every month. Whether you’re buying it for your home or buying it at the bar, alcohol is expensive. I understand that for some people, this is a social activity but I encourage you to really think about how much you are spending on alcohol every month. I’ve known people that spent hundreds of dollars every weekend on alcohol which makes my Starbucks runs look like pocket change. If you’re not careful about this, alcohol could be one of the biggest wastes of money in your life. 

Music Streaming

This includes things like youtube premium, amazon music, spotify premium and Apple music. My biggest tip here is to avoid wasting money on things that you can get for free. While these services only cost 5-10 dollars a month, that’s money that you could be saving and not spending on some intangible thing. Personally, I just listen to Youtube since I have wifi almost constantly which you likely do too. 


We all have Netflix anyways right? Cable is extremely expensive and most of the programming is garbage anyways. My parents have cable and ever since I was a kid, all I’ve ever heard were complaints about how little there is on TV, especially considering how expensive it is. So really think about whether or not that is something you need. 



My boyfriend and I go to the theatre maybe 3-4 times a year for dates but other than that, we don’t spend money on movies. We wait for things to come on Netflix. With everyone paying for streaming services, I think it’s impractical to double up on costs by purchasing things on disc.


Sometimes I see people my age walking around with those sharp gel nail manicures and I wonder how they can afford it. It’s not a cheap thing to do and requires expensive maintenance if you want to keep it looking good. As much as I would love to get that done every few weeks, it’s not an expense that I feel comfortable with. It’s just a little too extravagant for me. The last manicure that I got was for my high school graduation in 2015.


I don’t really wear makeup anymore. I used to wear makeup every day in high school and during my first few years of university. Gradually, I got more comfortable with wearing less and now I only wear it for special occasions. It’s bad for my skin and I honestly feel so comfortable without it that it doesn’t even cross my mind when I’m leaving the house. If I have a bad spot on my face I’ll throw a dab of foundation on it before going to work but other than that, it’s a bare face for me. 

Lottery Tickets/ Casinos

I have never bought a lottery ticket for myself. Not to say that I never will but, right now, it’s not an expense that I consider. As much as I’d love to win the lottery, I just don’t have enough hope to actually buy a ticket. As for Casinos, I’ve been to one. I didn’t like it and I don’t have any desire to go back. I actually found it depressing to see so many people sitting at slot machines throwing their money away. Not my scene.



Never have and never will. Not a habit that I want to start. 

Things I Do spend money on

Alright, so, I’m not perfect. I do spend money on things that I probably shouldn’t. This post isn’t about knocking the things that I don’t spend money on and justifying the things that I do. It’s about putting things into perspective for people and making it clear that you have a choice to make in terms of your spending. You can’t afford every luxury that you want so you need to determine what is important to you. For example, I spend money on coffee but not alcohol. That’s a choice I make. If I spent money on both, my pockets would empty very quickly.


I am a big coffee drinker. I buy coffee at Starbucks about 3 times a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I feel a little guilty about this expense but it makes me happy.

VIP Movie Tickets

My boyfriend and I go to the movies a few times a year and, when we do, we don’t skimp on the cost. We buy tickets to the VIP theatre where you can eat dinner and cuddle in the attached seats. We make the compromise that we rarely do it and the last few times we went we actually had gift cards. For a date night, it’s honestly not bad. It’s usually around $80.00 for tickets and dinner but the food isn’t any more expensive than if we had gone out to a restaurant. It’s a nice date night and I think it’s a reasonable expense because we don’t do it very often. 

Gym Membership

Fitness is very important to me and I make full use of my gym membership. I have no issues with this expense as long as it is being utilized. An unused gym membership is an unnecessary expense. 



I am a huge bookworm which, for me, means that I reject every form of book other than the print version. I do not like E-books, audiobooks, or any other form of book that I cannot hold in my hand. Journals are another weakness of mine but I haven’t bought one in a few years. 

Phone Bill

Some people can do without a phone or at least do without data and go on a pay as you go plan. This is an expense that I’ve had for a long time and I don’t even think about it anymore. My parents and the rest of my family don’t live in the same city as me so I use my phone to communicate with them. Plus, it’s very hard to not have a cell phone these days. I just feel a lot safer having it on me. Plus, how would I play Pokemon Go without data? The gist of this is, some people can get away with a cheaper phone plan or no phone at all but this is an expense that I am ok with. While I would like a cheaper phone bill, it’s not outrageous so I’ll keep it for now. However, if I was really in trouble, I would happily switch to a pay as you go plan to save money.

Fancy Soaps

Yes, I shop at Bath and Body works for our hand soap and for shower gel. I always buy it on sale. Sue me, I want to smell good. The thought of buying body wash or hand soap from the drugstore that smells super cheap and chemically just makes me cringe. This may sound ridiculous, but I just love taking a shower and washing my hands and smelling like my favourite things. 

Air Fresheners

Also from Bath and Body Works. More commonly called wallflowers. They last about a month each and I also buy these on sale. We live in an apartment so sometimes smells from other suites can seep in. These wallflowers make our apartment smell delicious all the time. There’s nothing better than walking into an apartment that smells like fresh baked cinnamon buns without actually having to bake cinnamon buns.


Regular Hair Cuts

I get my haircut every two months at a fancy salon in my neighbourhood. It costs about 50.00 after tax and tip which I think is very reasonable. The salon is so amazing and it’s so refreshing to go. They make me a cappuccino when I get there (some people have wine), wash, cut, blow dry, and style my hair and they even do my makeup when I leave! They’ll also give you samples of whatever products you want to try. It’s pretty awesome! For years, I didn’t get my hair cut regularly. I got it cut once or twice a year if I was lucky because I just didn’t need to spend money on it. I was also a little traumatized from times that I’d gotten my hair cut and they took waaay too much off. I love my long hair.

That’s all for this post! If you enjoyed reading please let me know in the comments what you avoid spending money on and what you splurge on!

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One thought on “8 Things I Don’t Spend Money on- And 8 Things I Do

  1. Our lists are similar, except we do have satellite TV, and I have sometimes gone to casinos and Vegas, and I play Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo. I can live without data on my phone because we don’t have cell service around here anyway. I don’t get the nail thing. All a person needs is some good nail clippers! Lol

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