14 Ways to Fill Empty Journals

If you’re anything like me, you have empty journals adorning many a shelf in your house. I’ve gotten them as gifts, bought some for myself and collected them from events I’ve been to for school. It’s such a shame to let such pretty things sit unused on the shelf so I’ve compiled a list of ways you could fill up a journal so you can sleep easy knowing it’s purpose has been fulfilled. 


Find your favourite quotes from books, movies, songs, and compile them all together in a journal. This can be a really nice thing to have and look back on when you’re lacking inspiration. 

Gratitude Journal

Write down all of the things that make you happy. Cuddles, dogs, rain storms, anything that brings joy to your life. Go back to this journal whenever you’re feeling down and pick something off of it to do. If you like dogs, go for a walk and pet someone’s dog. If you like baking, bake something. Do something off of that list that makes you happy. 


I have a leather bound notebook that I keep my favourite recipes in. It was probably not a good choice because I’m terrified of getting it dirty but oh well, there’s no going back now! 


I used to journal consistently when I was younger but I think my last journal entry is from 2016. Don’t get too ambitious and try to journal every day right away. Try maybe two or three days a week to get started. Journalling can be great for mental health and your creativity.



Grocery lists, book lists, to do lists. Put whatever type of list you want in your journal. You can stick with just one type of list or you can use it for many types of lists. 

Bucket list

Having a nice planner to write in can inspire you to start a bucket list. Check out my bucket list for ideas.

Spending Tracker

If you want to track your spending the old fashioned way, write it down in a planner! I used to track my spending in a spreadsheet on the computer but doing it by hand is so much more satisfying. 

Write a Book

Typically, people write on a computer but why not write a book in your journal? I always find writing by hand to be more satisfying anyways.

Day Planner

Just because there are no dates in it, doesn’t mean you can’t use it as a day planner. Add in some dates and get creative to turn your empty journal into a stylish planner!


Bullet Journal

Bullet journals have blown up in the last couple of years. I’ve never made one but people with far more creativity than me could turn an old empty journal into a bullet journal. 

Doodle in it

If you’re feeling creative, use your notebook for doodling or drawing. I have no artistic talent, so this one isn’t for me, but there are definitely people who draw on every surface that they can find and this would be a fun way to keep all of your doodles together.

Turn it into a Scrapbook

Paste in ticket stubs from concerts and movies, pictures from date nights, and other keepsakes from your adventures. Ran a marathon? Put your bib number in here. Volunteer somewhere? Put your name tag in. You can write a little journal entry about each object so that you remember the meaning behind it. It’s not like a traditional scrap book. It will be a lot messier but it will be a cool keepsake.  

Use it to Plan your Wedding (even if you’re nowhere near getting married)

There’s so much that goes into planning a wedding, you’ll have more than enough to fill up a journal. Start a list of songs that you want to play during it. Pick some for the ceremony, the first dance, and the reception afterwards. Print out pictures of wedding dresses that you’d like to model yours after, bouquets that you might like to have, plan our your dinner menu and your guest list. The possibilities for filling this journal are infinite. Even if you’re years and years away from getting married, planning out your wedding can be lots of fun. 


Write Poems

I have an entire notebook dedicated to poems. I haven’t written a new one in a few years but I have a lot of old ones in there and they’re fun to go back and read.

Right, now that I’ve made this list, I am seriously considering ordering another journal from chapters. I’ve linked my favourite ones below. Comment below with a picture of your favourite journal! Or just tell me what you use your journals for.

Success! You’re on the list.

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