14 Ways to Invest in Yourself

It’s no secret that the world is ever evolving and it’s not only beneficial to evolve with it but essential. The job market is changing with technology and is always requiring new and more broad skills sets from potential applicants. Not only that, but, with the idea of having multiple income streams, education in areas that aren’t typically regarded as formal education has become more important than ever. In this post, I’m going to talk about ways that you can invest in yourself as an adult, not only in terms of education but also in terms of health. Now that you are an adult, you might find that you have a bit more cash hanging around. While it is important to save, it’s also important to know when to spend. These are some self-investment purchases that I think are valuable to spend on.


What does it mean to invest in yourself?

Investing in yourself can mean a lot of different things to different people. Essentially, you are investing time, energy, and/or money into something that will make you better as a person. Maybe it will advance your career, improve your health, or expand your mind. Whatever it is, it is really dependent on your current situation and the goals that you have for yourself. A good start to think about investing in yourself is to clearly define your long term goals in terms of your career, your well being, and your education. This will help you more accurately select which investment opportunities are a good fit for you.

Investing in your Physical Health

Gym Membership

A gym membership is a good investment if it’s put to good use. If you know you’re going to benefit from getting a gym membership and it’s not just going to go unused, then I highly encourage you to get one! Alternatively, personal training could be another wise investment. You only have on body and I encourage you to take care of it now while you still have years and years to build muscle, lose weight, improve your skills, and whatever else you want to do.


Regular massages have amazing health benefits. I had never gotten a massage until about a year ago and it was so relaxing and so great for my muscles. If you have coverage at work, use it. It’s so worth it. I’m not going to lie, they have a pretty high price tag on them, but of you have an extra $80.00 a month kicking around, this would be a good place to use it.

Take Cooking Classes

This could fit into a couple of different categories but I put it in physical health because food is so important to fuel your body and help it function at its highest potential. 

Running Shoes

A good pair of running shoes is something that everyone should own. Even if you aren’t an avid gym-goer, it’s still important to have a good pair of shoes for when you go on walks or even when you go out to do errands. Good shoes are essential to keeping your ankles, knees, and even your back healthy.


Investing in your Mental Health


Books are a great way to invest in yourself. I don’t only mean reference books and how to guides but I believe that no book purchase is a waste of money. Yes, I may be biased because I love to read but reading is a great hobby. So don’t feel bad about buying books. Reference books can be a great investment as well, especially if you are purchasing them to advance in your career or help your business. For example, if you own a blog and you purchase a book on blogging, it could be very beneficial in the long run!


Just as massages are great for your physical health, therapy can improve your mental health. There is a stigma attached to this which deters people from going but I highly encourage you to seek out a therapist. Even if you don’t think you have any issues that need to be worked on, there may be something that happens down the line that you may need professional help with.  


Sometimes, a vacation is need in order to reset and refresh from work. This doesn’t have to be anything extravagant but even just taking a day trip to some place that you enjoy can be great for your mental health.


Investing in your Education

Personal Training Certification

This is becoming more common but getting a personal training and/or group training certificate can be a great way to invest in yourself. If you are into fitness and are looking to share that passion with others, this could end up paying off in the long run if you can add personal training as an income stream. I know a lot of people who teach group fitness on the side and it’s both rewarding and brings in a bit of extra cash.

Hobby Classes

Say that you’re very interested in photography and want to take a class at a local college. This is something that I think is a great personal investment. You’re learning something new and getting to practice your hobby at the same time. Education is never wasted!

Music Lessons

Learning an instrument is such a great thing. It develops discipline and exercises your mind. If you want to take formal music lessons, I highly encourage that as a form of self-investment.


Investing in your Career

Work Wardrobe

Invest in some staple pieces for your work wardrobe. When I started my current job, a lot of the clothes that I used to wear were no longer deemed work appropriate. I made the decision to spend a chunk of money on good quality clothing that I felt comfortable in and that fit with the dress code at my new office. You don’t need to go crazy but I would suggest buying a few staple pieces that you can wear frequently.

Certifications/Professional Development

Find out what kinds of certifications and courses are available for people in your line of work. It’s possible that your employer may pay for some of this training but if not, it is a great investment. It might even pay off in the way of a promotion down the line.

Home Office

If you work at home regularly, whether it’s for your regular job or your side hustle, think about investing in some home office equipment. It can make working at home more comfortable and more efficient. Whether it’s an ergonomic chair or a fancy printer, find out what suits your needs and invest in it.


Maybe you have a side hustle that you are trying to get off the ground. It’s hard to make a side hustle flourish without any investment. Yes, time is an investment but sometimes you’ll have to put in money for it to make money. If there is a kind of software or a program that you want try out, do it! It’s not like you’re shackled to it for life. Try it out for a year and if you don’t like or need it then don’t renew your subscription.

That’s it for this post! If you enjoyed, please comment below a personal investment that you have made that paid off!

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