April Challenge: Spring Cleaning

In honor of spring and since we’re all stuck in the house for the foreseeable future, I figured I would do 30 days of cleaning for my april challenge. Sounds fun right? While it may not be the most exciting thing, I’m really excited to try it out and declutter my apartment.  I found aContinue reading “April Challenge: Spring Cleaning”

February Book Review #1 Wired- Julie Garwood

My February goals was to read 4-5 books this month. One every week and maybe a bonus one. My list of books can be found here: https://struggling20something.com/2020/01/22/february-challenge-i-love-to-read-month/ . I’ve finished my first book but it wasn’t one on this list.  Spoiler Alert Wired is a great romance novel with a bit of suspense worked in.Continue reading “February Book Review #1 Wired- Julie Garwood”

February Challenge- I love to Read Month

For my February challenge, in honor of I love to read month, I will be reading one book every week and writing a review every Friday on my blog. I may add or change these books along the way but these are the books I have in my apartment right now that I haven’t gottenContinue reading “February Challenge- I love to Read Month”

Challenges for 2020

Before the new year began I was thinking about doing a challenge every month. I did lots of research and I started a list of challenges that interested me. I was supposed to be doing a self-care challenge in January but that fell off the rails almost immediately. I painted my nails on January 1stContinue reading “Challenges for 2020”