8 Ways to Motivate yourself

We all have days when it feels impossible to complete even the smallest of tasks. All we want to do is lay in bed and watch Netflix. Emptying the dishwasher or making the bed has turned into a Herculean task that absolutely cannot be tackled. So what can we do when we feel like this?Continue reading “8 Ways to Motivate yourself”

How to Start the New Semester off Right

With the winter semester coming to a close, I thought it would be a good time to reflect and talk about what we can do to make next semester more successful. Better grades, better time management, less stress. It’s all achievable. If this semester left something to be desired, read this post to see howContinue reading “How to Start the New Semester off Right”

The Comprehensive Guide to Passing Your Final Exams

It’s that time of year again. Dreaded finals season. You’re probably knee deep in finals right now if you’re in Canada so this guide may be coming a little late to use. But if you are interested in study tips, this is for you! This is the method that I used throughout my degree andContinue reading “The Comprehensive Guide to Passing Your Final Exams”

Jobs for College Students

If you’re like most students, you will probably find yourself in need of some additional income throughout your degree. Whether you work during the school year or just during the summer, most students will have to get a job at some point. I found a job pretty quickly when I was looking. I got aContinue reading “Jobs for College Students”

Do’s and Don’ts of Moving

I’ve moved several times and every time I feel like I learned something new. I’ve done something different every time so it’s been a different experience. Whether it was moving from the dorms at university into my first apartment or moving in with my boyfriend, it was quite the adventure. I’m going to share withContinue reading “Do’s and Don’ts of Moving”

How to Work Effectively from Home

If you’ve suddenly found yourself working from home in the last couple of weeks, you’ve probably noticed that it comes with different challenges than being at work. Maybe you have a job where your boss is checking in on you all the time and now you’re sitting at home not knowing what you are supposedContinue reading “How to Work Effectively from Home”

Small Changes to Make to Feel Like you Have your Life Together

It can be hard being a sort of adult. You’re expected to do adult things and act a certain way but when it really comes down to it, a lot of people don’t feel like adults. You graduate high school and suddenly you’re expected to fend for yourself. These are some things that you canContinue reading “Small Changes to Make to Feel Like you Have your Life Together”

10 Things to Splurge on for your Apartment

When you move somewhere, it’s hard to judge what you should and shouldn’t be spending money on. It’s easy to want to purchase everything in sight because moving to a new place is so fun and exciting. These are some of the things that I think are important to consider splurging on. TV Let’s beContinue reading “10 Things to Splurge on for your Apartment”

30 Things you Can Do Inside

With everyone stuck inside right now for an undefined amount of time (#2020) I figured it would be a great time to make a list of things that one can do indoors. Since I’m working from home, I don’t necessarily have more free time during the day than I would at any other time butContinue reading “30 Things you Can Do Inside”