8 Things I Don’t Spend Money on- And 8 Things I Do

Everyone could do with a little bit of education on how to manage their money. I did not make this list to tell people that these are things that they should and shouldn’t spend money on. This is simply a list of things that I don’t personally spend on. I think it’s very important toContinue reading “8 Things I Don’t Spend Money on- And 8 Things I Do”

10 Things to Splurge on for your Apartment

When you move somewhere, it’s hard to judge what you should and shouldn’t be spending money on. It’s easy to want to purchase everything in sight because moving to a new place is so fun and exciting. These are some of the things that I think are important to consider splurging on. TV Let’s beContinue reading “10 Things to Splurge on for your Apartment”

Valentines Day Dates on a Budget

Our last two valentines days have been quiet extravagant. For our first valentines day my boyfriend did all the things a boyfriend does when they’re trying to impress their new girlfriend. He bought me roses and chocolate, took me out to an incredibly fancy dinner, and surprised me by booking a room at a fancyContinue reading “Valentines Day Dates on a Budget”

Curb Your Spending

I Spend too Much Money I, personally, probably spend too much money. I buy and do things that cost money that I should be saving so therefore, I spend too much money. This post isn’t going to be about how much I spend though, it’s going to be about how much you spend. I haveContinue reading “Curb Your Spending”