9 Ways to Show your Partner you Love Them

During these trying times, everyone is likely in need of a little extra love. Even if you are at home with your partner more than ever, it doesn’t mean that you are necessarily spending quality time with them. I feel more tied to my work than ever, now that I’m working at home. I findContinue reading “9 Ways to Show your Partner you Love Them”

Relationship Deal Breakers

Everyone has something that they absolutely would not be able to put up with in a partner. It could be something small like not wanting to date someone shorter than you or it could be something big like your partner not wanting kids. Whatever your deal breakers are, it’s very important to think about them,Continue reading “Relationship Deal Breakers”

Valentines Day Dates on a Budget

Our last two valentines days have been quiet extravagant. For our first valentines day my boyfriend did all the things a boyfriend does when they’re trying to impress their new girlfriend. He bought me roses and chocolate, took me out to an incredibly fancy dinner, and surprised me by booking a room at a fancyContinue reading “Valentines Day Dates on a Budget”