How to Start the New Semester off Right

With the winter semester coming to a close, I thought it would be a good time to reflect and talk about what we can do to make next semester more successful. Better grades, better time management, less stress. It’s all achievable. If this semester left something to be desired, read this post to see howContinue reading “How to Start the New Semester off Right”

Quick Meals for College Students: 5 Meals you can make with Rotisserie Chicken

You know the feeling. You get home from work and there is nothing that you want to eat. Everything seems like it’s going to take too long to cook so you forgo a meal and just snack on junk food until you go to bed or maybe you order a pizza. While both of theseContinue reading “Quick Meals for College Students: 5 Meals you can make with Rotisserie Chicken”

Grocery List: Sunday March 8th, 2020

My grocery order for today was a little more expensive than normal. I’m trying to build up a bit of a food storage just in case things start to disappear off of the shelves here. The first case of Covid-19 was confirmed in Calgary this morning and apparently things are just flying off of theContinue reading “Grocery List: Sunday March 8th, 2020”

20 Foods to Have in Your Pantry

It’s always good to have more food than you need on hand. Not only because it’s convenient but it can actually help you save in the long run because it prevents you from eating out because you have nothing to make supper with. I live in an apartment that doesn’t even have a pantry. WeContinue reading “20 Foods to Have in Your Pantry”

Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas

Trust me, I know how hard it is to eat breakfast. I have a really tough time fitting it into my day, even though I know it’s really important. I was really good about eating breakfast during university but ever since I graduated and I started to work full time, it has become increasingly unattainable.Continue reading “Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas”

How to Do Laundry Like an Adult

How I Sort My Laundry Laundry can be one of the most daunting cleaning tasks that exists if you let it pile up and take over your bedroom floor. Let’s be real; we’re all busy and laundry takes time. When I lived in dorms, doing laundry was one of the worst things because we hadContinue reading “How to Do Laundry Like an Adult”

My Top Ten Tips for University/College

Starting university was one of the biggest changes in my life. I didn’t really know what to expect, even though I spent countless hours searching for advice on the internet. The amount of time I spent watching dorm room hauls is probably more time than I put into some of my classes. Honestly, though, thereContinue reading “My Top Ten Tips for University/College”

I Don’t Enjoy Travelling and That’s Ok

When I go on social media I scroll through and see all of the pictures of influencers visiting various places around the world, documenting every second of their trip and making the less fortunate wish they were there. This seems to be a common theme on social media now adays, especially instagram. Better yet, theContinue reading “I Don’t Enjoy Travelling and That’s Ok”

Library Study Session Essentials

When I was in University I studied at the library a lot. On weekends I would be there all day trying to finish readings and assignments. Being the person I am, I loved being in that environment and worked really well there. Being in my dorm room was not the optimal place to study asContinue reading “Library Study Session Essentials”

7 Indoor Hobbies that Will Help You Ride out Winter in Canada

Do you live somewhere where winter seems to last an eternity? Do you long for the months where you wouldn’t freeze your face off stepping outside to walk your dog? I know I do. The other day, I was leaving the apartment and it was -40 degrees celsius (which apparently is -41.8 Farenheight also). ItContinue reading “7 Indoor Hobbies that Will Help You Ride out Winter in Canada”